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April 2014

Spring is here! As the snow finally melts away and you can feel spring in the air, Allan's quickly moving forward with the record company and preparing to do an international album release. After several phone calls and meetings with a legendary UK promoter/record label, it is just a matter of a short time span before the contracts are signed and the music is ready for the world.

Work continues on the new album!  Allan is fully focused working in the studio to get the 13-15 songs done and mastered. He also has been updating equipment in the studio to get better sound quality. It is amazing how much work goes into this process!

A new website is in the works to be launched in coordination with the new album.

A live webcast is in the works to introduce you to some new songs, new musicians and more exciting news.


March 2014

Some great news to follow up with the recent news at the start of this year that Allan was talking with a well-known and experienced promoter in the UK who has worked with many famous artists and bands. Now after several communications, things are moving fast and Allan has now been offered to sign with the record label, management, promotion and publishing company.

What does this mean? This means Allan will now be signed to record company who will promote his music and provide international distribution of the new debut album! This also includes publishing and mangement.

We will publish more details about this great news ASAP, but right now the main focus is on the music and songs. Cheers!

February 2014

Allan has finished mastering some of the songs for the new album and is working hard on getting the final words and music down for other new tunes that are slated to be on the new CD. He is also working on a new live show which will be kicked off with a webcast.

Allan put together a Demo CD package which was sent to the UK for a presentation to record company executives. That CD has all or most of the songs that will be released on his debut album. Allan recieved great feedback about the songs and overall package.

January 2014

The new year has already started off with a bang! Allan has the interest from and is talking with a major well-known promoter (record label/ management/publisher) in the UK to get a new album released and more. Allan is now at the point of working in the studio on finishing and mastering around 12 songs.  More details will follow as this progresses!

Allan has completed both his recording studio and webcast studio. Now he can record and master songs in the studio and also stay in contact with his fans more easily by stepping into the next room to perform on a live webcast to the world. This new creative freedom is what he's been working towards - so he can release new songs faster and yet also do live shows in the same day right from his studios.

Allan's Internet radio fan base (over 5,000 fans around the world) continues to grow at a rapid pace and he's looking forward to releasing the new album to show the world the new songs.

We are working on a new website, photos and videos which will be published soon to coincide with Allan's new album.



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2014 Live Concert - Webcasts
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CDs and Songs Available Online

Native Tongue CD on CD Baby  

Native Tongue

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Buy on CD Baby

Luminous Miracle CD on CD BABY  

Luminous Miracle

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Christmas Child - released December 2010  

Christmas Child

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More Allan James songs available for purchase at www.allanjameslive.com

"Break the Silence" and "All the Time" albums are sold out. Both are being digitally re-mastered and will be re-released on new CDs in the future. Some songs may be released as singles or as re-mixes on other new CDs.


No shows currently scheduled for March 2014.

Allan is currently also working on preparing for some live webcasts that will highlight some of his new songs from his upcoming debut album. Dates and musicians will be announced early 2014.


Radio Feedback

A few comments from radio listeners around the world:

" Wow! "

" so fresh music "

" Like the sound both music and voice "


" nice contemporary, kind of like peter gabriel "

" I love your music"

“ The words to this song are awesome! It's exactly how I feel today. Where did you come from?!? ”

" Oh my ... I love it "

" Great talent Allan!"

" I love Saving Angles"

" A great piece, I love it. Good one Allan James"

" Never heard of you, but you rock!"

" Cool Music! "

" Awesome!"

" Great listening music!"

" Love it"

" The best!"

" Choose Life - love the lyrics, a very good song"

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